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Welcome to CreaTech Motives Afrika


We are Africa’s fastest growing tech-startup, and we pride ourselves in being the solution to Africa’s basic technological dilemma.


This year, our initiative, Motives’ 18, would address some of the Sustainable Development Goals- maily, SDGs 1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 11, and 17.


Web Motives Afrika aims at providing an online presence for organizations, and all other innovative ideas in rural areas across Africa- specifically, on the website.

Pinky Techy also aims at empowering the African lady technologically.


Creating partnerships for the goals is more crucial to us.

All potential partners are welcome in advance!




Our Mission is Making Africa a Tech Continent

“Africa is the mother of civilization”- something I’ve always loved to hear- but come to think of this, where is the obvious, especially when the world is cognizant that Africa is ‘massively’ lagging in terms of global standards?  This undermines the fact that our continent is the mother of civilization.

Now, let me get things straight on this issue- Africa must show the obvious, not just from past achievements, but also, from its responses to present and future global standards.

Technology is the order of the day, and Africa must respond positively to technological advancements; this where we find our aforementioned mission as a tech start-up. This would be a long and tough journey, but for tomorrow’s prize, we need to pay today’s price; this would be a big task, but in doing the little tasks, our muscles would develop for the big task.

Join us, as we start our mission by solving Africa’s basic problems with technology, and with regards to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sam Quansah


Founder & CEO

Motive’s 18

Sustainable Development Goals

WeMA’ 18
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05 Feb, 2018

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It is not a faith in technology, it is faith in people | Steve Jobs.

CTMA is committed to serving the SDGs together with several partners of the goals.
Join us now, let’s partner for the goals in Africa under SDG 17.

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